What Belgium lacks in interesting nature it makes up for in museums, culture, and great food (and beer)! Of all the best places to see in Belgium, a majority of them are (in) cities. We’ve created detailed guides for the most popular ones: Brussels, Ghent, and Bruges. Brussels was the biggest surprise for us. The museums in this city are on such a high level that you can easily fill 3 full days with them. And then there’s Mini-Europe and the Parlamentarium! If you don’t love the EU yet, you will after you visit these highlights.

Before you go, read up on background info, like a summary of Belgium’s tumultuous history, so you can appreciate your host country more when you visit. And to know why you’ll hear French spoken in some places and Dutch in others.

If you check out our travel tips, you’ll know that Belgium is so small and the trains are so good that all the best spots can be visited as day trips from Brussels. And whatever you do, never, ever call fries French!

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